136) Kat

March 10, 2008

I’m really disappointed that the UK is not on the list of venues for their new European tour, and also that the release date for Scream keeps on changing. Personally I think that there is not enough promotion for Tokio Hotel here in the UK. All their fans here have been waiting patiently for the return of them to come back here, but nothing…
Not all fans can afford to go to different countries to see them live. I understand that their schedule is extremely busy and they are wanted in lots of other countries but would a few concerts here in the UK go a miss? The UK fans here feel like we are being left out… I hope you take this into consideration.
Thank you!



March 9, 2008

As a fan of Tokio hotel I am severely upset about how you have neglected you U.K fan base, its absolutely appalling we have been here to support you through your highs and lows, buying your merch, voting for you in polls that also cost us money, we have ran into thousands of pounds spent on you guys and yet you neglect us, there is no excuse for this, there are bands a lot worse of than Tokio, with money and family problems and they still dedicate some time to their worldwide fans, they still manage to visit far away places on tour, England is hardly a remote location, so why leave us out?
You have made promise after promise to come and visit to the U.K yet there is still no results, your U.K fan base has been very loyal to you but a line has to be drawn between neglect and delays, or do you just make idol promises, do you actually keep to you word in any scenario, the new album scream has still not been released after many release dates which have been continually changed, we’ve got to ask our selves are we being fools by putting our trusts and dedication into a band that appears to not care about us, and saying this deeply upsets me as I thought for years that you were the best band for listening to your fans with all the fan meeting etc but now its clear to see what you really are, was it money you were after? Cause all the money your uk fan base has spent on your band will be a ridiculous amount of money, maybe that’s why you aren’t bothering about us? Delaying seeing if you can pull more money from out pockets? So that you can travel further across the world and just leave us behind, it depresses me that a band of your calibre would do such a thing.  Many of my friends had trust in you, and I got reassure time after time that Tokio hotel would tour in the U.K but when you leave us out of the European tour I just couldn’t believe it, shows where your loyalties actually are, shame that I put mine in a band that don’t even appear to be worth my time, I loved your music and thought you were genuine nice people but obviously wrong, I find it appalling to let such a huge number of fans down, I bet you don’t even have a valid reason for this do you?  I bet you don’t even think off all these fans that you have cause sever depression to, what about he ones that might take their life because the people they had the most trust in have just left them, disposed of them like used toilet paper once you got your use from us (money most likely) just forgot about us, worst of all I doubt you even have any remorse what so ever?

134) Anna

March 9, 2008

To whom it may concern,
I hope what I am going to write will come across the right way because there is so much that needs to be said and it might not come out as I intend it to, but the main aim of this is to make you take notice of something: the lack of anything Tokio Hotel related happening in the United Kingdom (that is not organised and done by fans).
The fan community has grown quite considerably here over the last few months and is still growing even though there hasn’t been a peek of Tokio Hotel since their show last June; a show which, may I add, most fans (myself included) didn’t even know about until there were no more tickets left or even until after it had taken place.
So “Ready, Set, Go!” didn’t debut as well as it could have… but maybe that shouldn’t have come as such of a surprise since it  had been very poorly advertised and to add to that some weren’t even able to find it in shops. Instead of trying harder and do some better promoting in the following weeks and months, nothing at all happened.
The “Scream” album’s release date has been pushed back several times and now there doesn’t even seem to be talks of releasing it here… at this point I can’t help but ask: is it ever going to be released?
Now we, the Tokio Hotel UK fan base, have decided that it is time to let our voices be heard and show everyone that yes, there are Tokio Hotel fans in the UK, there’s lots of us and we are going to be heard!
Time and time again we have been hearing that “2008 will be the year of Tokio Hotel in the UK” but so far there hasn’t been a glimpse of something that could back that statement. 2008 started with Tokio Hotel jetting off to North America and as fans, of course we were ecstatic to hear the news and reading about the success they had over there, now the “1000 Hotels Tour” is on the road all across (mainland) Europe and the first couple of shows seem to have gone really well so, again, we are happy to hear about all the great things that are going on but with not even a quick mention of what might happen in the UK we can’t help but think “What about us?”
The UK has been referred to as “the country that rejected Tokio Hotel” but it seems more like Tokio Hotel has given up on us and completely forgotten about us.
We have been waiting patiently, always showing our support for the band, voting for them to win every award they have been nominated for in other countries as well.
Seeing some fans being concerned whether the concerts in their country would be in German or English, being demanding and yet being dealt with in the most accommodating way is somewhat disheartening since here we get nothing. I have nothing against them, they are just really passionate about something they care about, just like us, but I’m sure I’m not the only one here who would be more than happy with a concert in Swahili if it meant seeing Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav on our shores!
Some UK fans (most of whom accompanied by their patient, understanding parents) will attend different dates of the “1000 Hotel Tour” still determined to show support and dedication but unfortunately most can’t afford to do that, so what about them? They deserve a fair chance to see their favourite band play live.
We have been relying on each other to keep us strong and to keep those who had started to lose interest due to the amount of time we’ve been waiting, from moving on. Although, unfortunately a few have decided they had been left waiting long enough, most of us are still here, still waiting, and we are many!! We are closer than ever, we are a big TH family! The place we find most comfort in is the UK Street Team.
The Street Team has been working hard to promote Tokio Hotel not only in the UK but also internationally, everyone in the Team invests time, energy and even money in doing this, still no one minds giving it their all even if we don’t know if our hard work will be even acknowledged because we keep telling ourselves that it’s worth it… Tokio Hotel finally coming (back) to the UK will be enough of a reward…
Our Street Team leader is doing a great job in keeping us motivated and getting us to stick around and be patient! Our 2nd meet-up is currently being planned and it will take place on April 26th. This time there will be even more people than there were at the last meet-up and we’re going to make an even bigger impact!
We absolutely LOVE and SUPPORT Tokio Hotel; we feel let down but we are not going to give up and we don’t want to feel like we’re being ignored!
Looking forward to hear what is going to happen next
Anna, a UK fan from London

133) Rebecca

March 8, 2008

I’m a really big Tokio Hotel fan and I think it’s really unfair that they aren’t coming to the UK this year. They have tons of fans here, and as far as I know, we are all really disappointed that their tour excludes the UK. Why are they going to almost every other European country except the UK?
Also the delayed release dates for the ‘Scream’ album are unfair. I had to order my copy from America. I would really like it if they actually released it here in the UK.
Please, please, get Tokio Hotel to come to the UK in 2008 on their tour. And if they do come, please get them to do concerts in other cities around the UK, instead of just London like last time.
Thankyou so much,

132) Kiah

March 8, 2008

Final Day UK: Wir wollen auch Tokio Hotel. Bitte. 😦
We may be far smaller than your average country and our fan base is still tiny in comparison to all of the others, but surely on a european tour, england, a EUROPEAN country should be included? We’ve all loved the guys for just as long as other fans and new people are always joining the UK street team forum excitedly expecting us to know when TH are coming to england again…And we honestly don’t know… We don’t even get mentioned anymore. Wasn’t 2008 supposed to be the year of Tokio Hotel? Well considering how it’s going so far, let’s just say we’re all feeling a bit dejected. So far everything has been centred around the US and considering the guys are going straight back there after the tour….we’re wondering where we fit in on their agenda.
We only want to show the guys that we support them just as much as everyone else and that no matter what we do, but it’s just …upsetting, really, that we always seem to be left out of things. Although their are fewer fans here in the UK as say… in Paris, surely we still mean something? All we want is just some indication that we haven’t been forgotten, because we all try really hard to spread the Tokio Hotel love in whatever little ways we can. The UK street team are full of wonderful people all just here trying to support you and right now everyone’s feeling a tiny bit low about the situation.
Not that we’d ever stop loving Tokio Hotel. They are practically a part of my life now lol. I completely and 100% support them and am extrememly happy they are being successful in the US and everywhere. But i just wanna see them play live. Once. And not have to pay 100+ pounds to go and see them in another country, with fans I’ve never met before and it’s practically impossible for me because of exams and work and etc. The last concert sold out so quickly and left many fans gutted at the fact we were too slow, but we thought “Oh, well, they’ll be back soon.” But it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen and the longer we wait the more downhearted we are.
Just…please, don’t forget we’re here! ;_;

131) Salma

March 8, 2008

Thanks for supporting us- well for the first few months anyways…
Thanks for the gig you gave us- even if it was just one gig… over half a year ago.
Thanks for telling us that ‘2008 is the year of TH in the UK!!!’- even tho so far it hasn’t been.
Thanks for supporting THUSKT- even tho there hasn’t been much proof recently that you have.
Thanks for keeping our hopes up- even if that was with false promises and lies.
Thanks for… JEEEEZE man- Iv run out of stuff to thank you for…!!!
Thank us by bringing TH to the UK?
Thank us by actually doing some promotion work for TH in the UK- yourselves?
Thank us by supporting THUKST?
Thank us by showing us that you know the UK fan base exists?
Thank us by including the UK in the European Tour?
WE have been doing the promotion work for you.
WE have brought the albums.
WE have made you the money.
WE have spent hours voting for TH.

130) Romana

March 8, 2008


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you as part of the FINAL DAY UK fan-action. As you have probably gathered from the letters you have received today, Tokio Hotel fans are VERY irritated that we are not part of the Tour schedule, and we feel we are being ignored, even though we are constantly buying goods from other countries as they are not available here in the UK, and we are spending a lot of money on their products, they show no sign of coming to the UK.

We had only 2 days to get this news around and already there are many replies, I myself was not aware of this until 11:56 and have been typing away furiously to get this letter in.

PLEASE BRING TOKIO HOTEL TO TH UK. You decided to keep postponing the release of the scream album again and again, still we took no drastic action, but you clearly do not understand how MUCH we want Tokio Hotel to come to the UK. WELL PLEASE UNDERSTAND ALREADY . It’s not the best thing to do really, trying our patience, after all we do buy the stock in the UK, and if Tokio Hotel are refusing to take this into consideration, we will seriously consider strong action. For God’s sake, they even wanted to go to Japan, what’s wrong with England? Is it the fans? We really are getting fed up of the way you are treating us, and although we understand what Tokio Hotel may be going through, they have committed themselves, they’ve promised us hollow promises, told us lies. We don’t like being kept in the blue, so please just take some actiona lready and bring them here! Or at LEAST ask them to take 5 minutes out of the “BUSY” schedule and record a short video for us.

Oh and if you think I am sounding rude, this is what happens when you try our patience, and when you stretch us to the limits, and when you lie to us. So please don’t take it harshly, because you brought it onto yourself.

Yours faithfully, a very fed up,

129) Nida

March 8, 2008

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to complain to you about the fact that Tokio Hotel never seem to be coming to England to perform. I among the rest of the many, many fans of Tokio Hotel have been patiently anticipating the arrival of this amazing band and are always dissapointed. This has to stop. We are devoted fans and we should have the same right to see our favourite band as much as people in America and other countries do. They haven’t even released any songs here or have been promoted here. Their album is not even on sale here! This really must change because if it doesn’t Tokio Hotel may lose the biggest fanbase they have. Please make them come and do gigs here because we love them, think their amazing and have greater talent than many of the bands in the world; and they are insatiably attractive!
Yours Sincerely,

128) Christie

March 8, 2008

Hello my name is Christie and I am 15 years old.  I am ahuge fan of Tokio Hotel and I am doing this to express how much I want them to come to the UK.  I missed them the last time they came here because I live in Scotland and couldn’t get to London on time.

I think Tokio Hotel are an amazing band and I really would love the opprtunity to see them perform LIVE in concert.  Their songs are amazing
and they are all so talented.  In fact their song “Don’t Jump” saved my life.  I was going through a really tough time at school and at home.
Especially school because of bullying and I know it sounds pathetic but its true.  Their songs made me realise its ok to be who you want to be and you shouldn’t have to change to suit other people.  “Don’t Jump” made me realise that you should always hold on to the good things in life and suicide of self-harm should never, ever be an option.  So I really must thank them for putting their talent to good use and saving many more lives I hope.

I find it a shame that they aren’t going to be coming to the UK on their European Tour.  I really don’t think that Tokio hotel realise how big a
fanbase they have here in the UK.  Also the UK website hardly ever gets updated unlike the US or German one. I know loads of people who would love to see them come to the UK and I find it a shame that they have missed out the UK yet again on their tour.  They have been all the way to America nad Canada so i’m sure its not that difficult to come to the UK.  We don’t ever get a video message just so we know that we are noticed by the band!

Also why does the UK album keep getting held back?  All the UK fans have been waiting for more than six months now for the album to be realeased here.  I think it’s the only country in Europe where it hasn’t been released!

Sorry for ranting on so much but I had to get my point across.  Please come to the UK soon don’t leave it for another year!

Best Wishes and lots of love

127) Beth

March 8, 2008

To whom it may concern,

Tokio hotel in the uk? yes thats right .. tokio hotel and uk in the same sentence !

Ive been a fan of tokio hotel for must be coming up to two+ years now and found out about them through the internet,

I do not mean this to come across as aggressive in any way but the way you decided to “promote”
tokio hotels  “invasion” on the uk was absolutely pathetic, in no way did your team put any effort into this at all , and thats what makes me so angry and annoyed.

The main thing that makes me the most annoyed is the way the ready set go single was released and “promoted” if you can call a weeks worth of the video showing on one music channel promoting (which i and probably lots of other fans payed quite a bit of money for ordering the video, to the point it was number 1 on the viewers choice for most of the week).

Come on the single got to number 77 in the charts which isn’t bad considering you did nothing and it was all mainly down to the uk street team which in this whole mess has been absolutely amazing.

Now nearly a year on to when tokio hotel first gig in London i attended , which also was a shambles , Because unlike America we are apart of europe and you must of expected at least 3/4 of the crowd to be non English, so that doesn’t really count as a fair try out of over here seeing as the only people who knew about tokio hotel in the UK at that point in time, was people who found out about them on there own.

Where were the interviews on radio/television over here ? i understand English is not there first language but come on be prepared its your jobs !

as i was saying its been nearly a year since the the gig in islington, there are hundreds of new UK tokio hotel fans please consider giving the uk another chance with tokio hotel and please put some effort into this time .

Without starting a whole new rant… what happened to the release of scream … are you going to postpone it again of are you just going to hope we have forgot about it ?

Yours sincerely
Beth – A very upset tokio hotel fan